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No referral is needed for an Autism or ADHD assessment.

Complete the form below for a Free Confidential Consult with one of our Trained Experts. 

Get answers to all your questions.

Filling out the form below can lead to life-changing outcomes. 

Your therapist or coach preferences:
I am interested in an assessent for:
Would you like a family member, partner, or friend to be part of the assessment process?
See our “Costs” tab for the set price for the initial assessment. AFTER the assessment, we also offer additional therapy. The fee for the additional therapy varies based on the clinician’s experience. Please indicate the fee per 50-minute session that you are able to pay for post-assessment therapy and we will do our best to match you with the appropriate professional.
Where do you reside? (this impacts whether you are matched with a neurodiverse therapist or a neurodiverse coach).
Since you live outside of California, we can provide neurodiverse coaching and an INFORMAL assessment (rather than a FORMAL diagnosis). Please indicate your preference:

Information shared on this intake form may be viewed by members of the Adult Autism Assessment Center staff to match you with the therapist who is the best fit for you. 


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