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Dual Assessment




  • 6  TELEHEALTH SESSIONS: The topics covered include:

    • Identify client's assessment and non-assessment goals, collect background information, explain assessment process, begin administration of the MIGDAS-2. ​

    • Complete MIGDAS-2. ​

    • Review Family Background and Life History. Review other documents provided by client. Introduce SRS-2.

    • Review SRS-2 results and DSM 5-TR criteria.

    • Review results of the Conners’ Adult ADHD Rating Scales, Second Edition (CAARS-2) and the Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales - (Brown EF/A Scales).

    • Share diagnosis or rule out of other diagnoses. Review therapy path forward.

  • REPORT:  Option of Diagnostic Note, Diagnostic Summary Report, or a Comprehensive Evaluation Report

  • THERAPY: Therapeutic (non-diagnostic support) is integrated into each session. Our team is focused equally on your well-being and providing you with a diagnosis.

  • COST

    • Assessment:

      • $1,800  (billed $300/session)

    • Report: (optional) 

    • Therapy: Additional sessions (beyond sessions included above) will be billed at clinician's therapy rate (ranging from $185 to $350 per session depending on clinician)

ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental conditions that frequently co-occur. Although twin studies suggest that there are shared genetic influences that lead to both, researchers have yet to find a clearly identifiable neurological reason for these to exist together.


Nonetheless, the overlap is significant:

  • ADHD is present in 30–80% of individuals with ASD.

  • ASD is present in 20–50% of individuals with ADHD.

The main areas of neurological overlap for ASD and ADHD are in following four areas: 


  • attention processing,

  • performance monitoring,

  • face processing and

  • sensory processing.


Furthermore, people with ADHD and ASD are often considered to have a lack of concern or inability to react to emotions or feelings of others.


Please talk to our therapist to help you explore a possible dual assessment as well as therapeutic support so you can work to improve your coping skills when your ASD and/or ADHD get in the way of living your best life. 

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